When Peter bought GWR 3814, in 1986, from "Barry Scrapyard", he was  a 35 year old enthusiast with a lifetime to achieve his dream.
He had a large enthusiastic, skilled volunteer team and agreements in place with NYMR. There was less red tape etc, costs were manageable.
Everything looked rosey.  Sunday working parties were hugely enjoyable.
Good progress was made, chassis just about finished, patterns made, parts cast etc. Over the years the situation changed. Peter has faced many difficult situations and been badly let down. IN 2003 NYMR approached him with an offer to help restore 3814 ASAP, Brilliant. But it did not happen. In 2007 it was shunted to an isolated position and left to deteriorate badly.
2 Years ago, after much negotation, Peter managed to get NYMR to shunt the loco back into MPD yard. But they were sorry could not now help. Suggested relocating. He did not get the negotiated space in NELPG's shed, his small team began the heart-breaking task of removing years of grime and rust and repainting, so far they have returned one side to gloss finish
Peter, now nearly 67, realised if he is to achive his dream he had to use specialist contractors at huge costs. He has not retired from work as he has a dependant steam locomotive! Peter has financed the restoration of the Tender at Llanollen Railway. Stage 1 nearly completed, life savings may not be enough to complete restoration of locomotive as time is running out.
Time is running out - 2 more years delayed at Llangollen - little to no progress - told Dec 20 will have to relocate again. 3rd time lucky? Got to be!
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